Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing what you can do with your hands

This is an ad by Volkswagen where they make lots of shadow puppets with lots of hands. It is incredible! Someone must of had a lot of free time to come up with this idea!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Google has a picture of my parents' house

About 6 months ago Google added street view, a new feature to their maps. Which is where Google has taken lots of pictures and strung them together and then one can as if they are on the street moving along the street and look at what is around like you are walking or driving down the street. At first it was in only in big cities like San Francisco and it was only the main streets in town. Well that changed a couple weeks ago I was looking at this feature again and I saw they had done it for Boise, Idaho. Amazed they did for Boise and then I was even more amazed that they did it for every street in Boise. Not believing that it was true I went to see if I could walk down the street where I lived while growing up. And sure enough they did it even for where I lived! They have photos of my parents house as you can see.

I am not sure how I feel that Google has even posted residential streets in their street view. Now any one in the world can virtually drive down the street where I lived.
I wonder what is next!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying out something new

I have never had a blog so I am trying something new! Stay tuned as I try to format my blog to look better! It might take a little bit because I am not very good at HTML even though I might be considered a computer nerd at heart.