Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family History

Recently I have taken an interest in my Family History again. In the past through my Church callings I have felt I should do some work on my Family History. But unfortunately in past times I have looked at the magnitude of what needs to be done and have started but I have often given up from being overwhelmed and frustrated and where to even start.

Well recently I decided to try and push forward again and get a litte farther than I have in the past and use some of my free time. The last two weekends I have visited the family history center in Idaho Falls to get some help and I have found some useful tools and techniques that have simplified the work needed to be done. Also over the past year my mom has taken an interest in figuring out her ancestors. Through these two things I am excited that I have started making progress again.

Another thing that has got me excited about family history was I remember a few years ago President Hinckley saying in opening remarks in October 2005 General Conference: "One of the most troublesome aspects of our temple activity is that as we get more and more temples scattered across the earth there is duplication of effort in proxy work. People in various nations simultaneously work on the same family lines and come up with the same names. They do not know that those in other areas are doing the same thing. We, therefore, have been engaged for some time in a very difficult undertaking. To avoid such duplication, the solution lies in complex computer technology. Preliminary indications are that it will work, and if this is so, it will be a truly remarkable thing with worldwide implications."

My techno-nerd curiosity has made me wonder what might be coming in the near future to help do family history. So I decided to Google this quote and I found this blog http://labs.familysearch.org/blog/ which talks about new tool that will simply doing temple work considerably and accomplish what President Hinckley said. This new feature will be added to familyhistory.org over the following year. This new software is being rolled out methodically to all the temple districts one by one. Even though it has not yet been announced for the Idaho Falls temple district it is already used in many other temple districts. So in a matter of time this tool will be available in Idaho Falls. So I am excited for when the announcement comes to this area.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

I love General Conference. This was an interesting Conference for me. Because it was the first General Conference that is presided with a new president of the Church, President Monson. As I am convert to the Church I have only known President Hinckley as the President and Prophet of the Church. But by watching Conference I could feel that the mantle had moved to President Monson which is a similar feeling I have felt when one of my Bishops was released or when I had received a new Mission President. Through the feelings I felt I could feel that President Monson was the new Prophet and President of the Church.

As always I enjoy hearing all the talks given. I have some favorites that I received inspiration from like listening to our new Prophet President Monson and also the ones given last night at the priesthood session by President Eyring on the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood, President Uchtdorf talk on how being a few degrees off can lead you far from the gospel if a course change is not made.

I can't wait till May when the General Conference Ensign magazine comes out so I can read these talks and feel the spirit of Conference.