Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finished Tom Swayer and Huckleberry Finn

It was fun to finish reading two classic books that I haven't read since Junior High. It is fun to re-read a book a second time in a different time period of life and doing not because a teacher told you to read it.

And it was cool when Brother Belnap read this quote from Huckleberry Finn:
"It made me shiver. And I about made up my mind to pray, and see if I couldn't try to quit being the kind of a boy I was and be better. So I kneeled down. But the words wouldn't come. Why wouldn't they? It warn't no use to try and hide it from Him. Nor from ME, neither. I knowed very well why they wouldn't come. It was because my heart warn't right; it was because I warn't square; it was because I was playing double. I was letting ON to give up sin, but away inside of me I was holding on to the biggest one of all. I was trying to make my mouth SAY I would do the right thing and the clean thing, and go and write to that nigger's owner and tell where he was; but deep down in me I knowed it was a lie, and He knowed it. You can't pray a lie--I found that out." This quote is certainly true.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Country Drive

On my Friday off I decided to drive over to Jackson Hole and up to the Tetons National Park. It was a fun drive, listening to music and seeing the beautiful scenery. I mostly just saw what I could get to from my truck. And I took several pictures like this one:

Also I did take a small hike up near Jackson Lake and I also visited one of the visitor centers. This was enjoyable trip. I might have to make another visit in a couple months when it warms up and I can take the ferry across Jenny Lake and get a little closer to the Tetons.