Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Love the Temple

The temple has always been an important place since I was baptized. I remember getting a picture of the Boise Temple from the missionaries when I was first baptized. I remember enjoying the first time going there to do Baptisms for the Dead.

Also shortly after being baptized I was able to watch the dedication of the Palmyra Temple. Then in college I was able to watch the dedication of the Winter Quarters Temple in the Marriott Center.

Then a tender mercy occurred in my life when me and my friend submitted our papers to go on a mission at the same time. And in fact we would report to the MTC the same day. Since we were leaving on a mission at the same time we planned to take our Endowments out at the Boise Temple on the same day. Also before we left on our mission we got to go down to Salt Lake Temple and see a live session together.

During my mission I didn't think I would see a temple after I left the MTC. A miracle did occur I was able to touch the doors of the Bern Switzerland Temple. The reason was that while I was on my mission the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated. And at the time I was serving in the eastern part of my mission in Switzerland. It happened that the Stake center by the Bern Switzerland Temple was closer than the Geneva Switzerland Stake Center. So after the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple we got to touch the doors of the temple and take pictures of the temple.

While I was at college I would attend regularly the Provo Temple. In a ward at BYU, it was decided that it would be fun to go to a session at the other temples in Utah each month. It unfortunately didn’t last long but we did go to Mount Timpanogos, Salt Lake and Manti. The trip to Manti temple to do a session was my favorite.

Then I had an opportunity to be called as Temple & Family History Chair in the Elders Quorum. I probably shouldn’t favorite callings but other than my mission this probably has been the most enjoyable calling I have ever had. I had this calling for almost a year. As a committee we were able to organize some fun activities around the temple. One of my favorite activities that we planned was to go to the Manti Pageant as a Ward.

Then at Christmas the predecessor to me had setup to go do Baptism for the Dead in the Salt Lake Temple during December. There was over 40 sisters who went to do Baptisms and then we met in the Salt Lake Temple cafeteria with the others that had done a session and had dinner as a Ward. Then we toured the lights on Temple Square. It was most enjoyable.

Also as a committee we setup once a month to do Baptisms for the Dead and then another night to do a session. It was most enjoyable to go do temple work each month. It was hard when the time had finally come for me to be released from this calling. I had loved helping setup up temple nights and other activities around the temple. It had been very enjoyable to plan activities that edified others and which also helped those that had died without the gospel.

Then here in Idaho Falls this trend has followed. As a branch we attend the temple each month and have a free dinner in the Temple cafeteria. Then I was able to take a tour of the Rexburg temple before it was dedicated. I had never before taken a tour of a temple before it was dedicated which was enjoyable. Also I got to watch the Rexburg and Twin Falls temple be dedicated. Just recently a group of friends have started a Temple of the Month trip club. We have already visited Rexburg Temple and the Logan Temple. Next month we are planning to attend a session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

I love the temple so much. It gives me such peace when I am able to attend. It helps me to focus on what is important in life. I am so glad that I can attend the temple often and that is the center of my life.