Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One year in IF

I have been Idaho Falls for 1 year. I moved up here last May after getting a job at the Idaho National Laboratory. At the time it was only a temporary job lasting through September and I didn't know if wanted or would stay longer. But things all came together and my job turned into a permanent position. I have loved my job. It is a job where I learn every day and it has pushed me in areas I didn't expect like interviewing someone for a job on our project team two weeks ago.

I have loved the area. When I moved here I had only driven through Idaho Falls once during a trip to Yellowstone with a group of friends from BYU. Even though I am from Boise I never spent any time on this side of the state. The closest I came was stopping in Arco on a family trip to Craters of the Moon when I was little.

I love that places like Tetons and Yellowstone are so close. Also it was enjoyable to experience to be around here when the Rexburg Temple was dedicated. It was the first temple I have been able to attend the open house. I also enjoy all the fun activities that are planned in this area.

It is truly a fun place to live.


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary, I guess. Congratulations on being in IF for a year. That's a big one. I know what you mean about having a job that stretches you. That's what mine is and I love it. I think that's what really keeps me here. It's not that my job is great every day. It's just great in in general, in the important ways. Like giving me something to learn and helping me have opportunities I wouldn't have somewhere else.

Marcie said...

You forgot to put that you love Idaho Falls because of all the HOT girls named Katy Annie and Marcie! hahaha just kidding. I agree with you seriously, I love living here.