Saturday, April 4, 2009

New York Trip

So at the end of June me, my grandma, my mom and possibly my sister are going to New York for two weeks. I will drive over to Boise and fly out to Buffalo New York with my bom on Tuesday June 23. Then we will go see Niagara Falls near Buffalo. Then we will be staying near Perry a small town south of Rochester. This is where my grandma grew up. We will visit with her sister and other relatives until Sunday. Also while we are there we will visit Rochester and see where my bom was born and lived till she was about 12 when her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Then since we will be only about 60 miles southwest of Palmyra. I am going to visit the church sites around Palmyra and hopefully I can get others to come along. We will see what happens. I am so excited to see the Sacred Grove and Hill Cumorah and other sites around Palmyra.

Since we are only 6 hours from New York City, then on Monday me, my bom and maybe my sister will drive to New York City. Along the way to New York City we probably see the battlefield of Sarotoga outside of Albany, New York. Then we will stay just outside of New York City and take train or bus into New York City and see the main attractions. We probably spend about a day visiting sites like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and other places. Then we will drive and see things between New York City and Philly. We will then see Indepence Hall, Valley Forge outside of Philly. Then we will fly back July 3 to Boise. This trip should be fun!


Annie Hall said...

Ummm you will NOT fit all that in one day in New York! Going to the statue is about a day trip on it's own. Philly and Valley forge in one day is also an undertaking since both are full day trips. You are going to be one CRAZY busy kid!

Marci said...

That sounds like a blast. you are lucky to travel to the east coast so often :D