Sunday, November 29, 2009

I know I am beginning to like country when ...

1. I get Country songs stuck in your head .
2. I have 200+ country songs on your IPOD.
3. I only listened to country on my 4 hour drive home for Thanksgiving.
4. Country music is basically the only thing I listen to in the last 2 months.

So I guess it is time to admit my feelings towards country music has changed. So I have several friends who love country music. I have never really been much of fan. That is partly because I judged the entire country song genre by a few country songs that I didn't like. So a couple months ago I decided to give country music a another chance.

This time I would truly try listening to it and not let those country songs I don't like taint my feelings towards the entire genre. So I found two country stations 99.5 and 105.5 and began to listen to it on the radio while driving to work. I found two radio stations that way whenever songs like Rockin' the beer gut or Summer Nights or others songs that I didn't like came on I could switch to another station.

There was several songs I really didn't like but to my surprise I started to find country songs I enjoyed listening too. I started listening to it more and more. I even began listening to country radio stations while I worked. Some of the songs got stuck in my head. Then I decided to goto iTunes and browse the country music section. I bought a few albums from Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn, Lady Antebellum and George Strait that I had heard on the radio. I began to listen to them on my IPOD.

I have found that I only really listen to country music. The number of country songs in my IPOD has grown. I have found more and more country artists I like.

These are my favorite country music artists so far:
1. Brooks & Dunn
2. Keith Urban
3. Lady Antebellum
4. Alan Jackson
5. Reba McEntire

These are some of my favorite songs:
1. Days go By
2. Cowgirls Don't Cry
3. Red Dirt Road
4. Neon Moon
5. Sissy's Song

So it seems that thanks to friends I have learned I am country fan. I never expected that to happen.


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Kate said...

Holy Moly! Another friend of mine that has been successfully converted to country! I am shocked! I am glad that Keith Urban is on your list.